Tuition / Studio Policy

  1. TUITION—costs and payment terms
    1. Tuition per weekly 30-minute lesson is $36.
      • There is a $2 deduction for every additional family member.
      • 45-minute lessons are $54.
      • 60-minute lessons are $72.
    2. Each semester runs six to eight weeks.
    3. Lesson books are extra, which I will provide as needed. Costs range from $30 to $60 per year.
    4. Payment for the entire semester is due at the first lesson of each semester.
    5. No refunds, except in cases when I am unable to teach.
    6. Late payment fee: After seven days an extra $5 will be charged.
    1. I suggest that the student practice 15 to 60 minutes a day for five or six days a week, depending on the level of the student. Some may think that practice is not necessary for development. But this is far from the truth!
    2. If, on rare occasions, the student has not practiced for the weekly lesson, please communicate this to me at the beginning of the lesson.
    3. Lack of practice is no excuse for missing a lesson. I expect to teach every week. If the student has not practiced in the prior week, I will use the lesson as a practice time and for other learning activities.
  3. RECITALS: All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Fall and Spring Recitals.
  4. COMMUNICATION: Regular dialog and communication is important for the progress and positive experience of the student. If you have any questions or concerns, I will gladly discuss it with you. Please contact me at your convenience.
  5. DISCONTINUATION: One month’s notice is required if you or your child desire to discontinue piano lessons.